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Volunteer Coordinator Contact Information

Mark Speth



W.O.L.F. relies heavily on volunteer help for running day-to-day life at the Sanctuary and therefore we need volunteers 365 days a year. There are wide variety of volunteer tasks necessary for the smooth operation of the organization. These tasks vary from administrative assignments and maintenance projects to caring for the animals at the Sanctuary and in rescue situations.

Volunteers MUST be 18 or Older


For the safety of the wolves, staff and volunteers, the minimum age requirements to become a volunteer is 18. Exceptions MAY by made for those 16 years of age or older at the discretion of the Executive Director and Volunteer Coordinator. However, direct supervision by a parent or guardian for volunteers under the age of 18 is REQUIRED at all times while at the Sanctuary.


Becoming a Volunteer


To join the volunteer team you need to submit a volunteer application, attend a orientation at the Sanctuary and pay annual W.O.L.F. volunteer membership dues. Volunteer orientations are generally the first and third Sunday of every month and run from 8:00 am until 4:00 pm unless otherwise indicated. To sign up for an orientation email in your application (see link below) and the volunteer coordinator will inform you of orientation availabilities. Please note that orientation groups are no large than 4 people per day and are filled on a first come, first served basis.


W.O.L.F. maintains a high level of standards and accountability for volunteers. Please review our volunteer policies below prior to applying.


Volunteer Opportunities


The needs of W.O.L.F. are diverse. They range from daily chores and maintenance at the Sanctuary to educating the public and fostering relations within the community.


We are currently seeking volunteers for animal care-taking, community outreach/fundraising events, administration and maintenance. You may apply to volunteer in more than one area.

Volunteer Policies


The Work


Volunteering at the Sanctuary is often very labor intensive and volunteers will be asked to complete a wide range of activities based on the needs of any given day. It is recommended that volunteers come prepared to work outdoors in a mountainous environment in all manner of weather conditions.




Volunteers are responsible for maintaining the highest standards of conduct at all times when involved in activities associated with W.O.L.F. Volunteers may assist with public relations and community activities as prescribed by W.O.L.F. staff.


Facility Maintenance


Volunteers provide all maintenance duties at W.O.L.F. including cleaning enclosures and grounds, making repairs as needed, building enclosures and structures as needed, and maintaining the meat preparation area.


Animal Handling


Volunteers may handle wolves and wolf dogs only after they have successfully completed the prescribed training program.


Animal Health


Volunteers will at all times follow the prescribed rehabilitation procedures specified by W.O.L.F. staff and the program veterinarian.


Outreach Programs


Volunteers may be asked to assist in fundraising activities, educational programs, and/or facility maintenance projects under the direction of W.O.L.F. staff.



No animals, supplies, equipment, etc. may be removed from the facility without permission from the directors or staff.




Volunteers must work a minimum of two work sessions per month and must schedule their times in advance in order to be considered an active volunteer in good standing.


Non-Smoking Facility


Volunteers and work groups may not smoke on W.O.L.F. property.




Volunteers must take the training course and pay annual membership dues to be considered active members in good standing and be allowed access to the facility.




Volunteers must have current tetanus vaccinations.


Controlled Substances


The use of (or being under the influence of, prior to arriving) illegal or controlled substances (e.g.: drugs, alcohol, etc.) at the W.O.L.F. facility or in association with W.O.L.F. activities, is strictly forbidden, and will result in the immediate termination of the offending volunteer’s association with the W.O.L.F. program.




Termination from the program may result if a volunteer fails to adhere to any of the policies of the W.O.L.F. program.