Shelley Coldiron

Executive Director

Shelley Coldiron has been the Executive Director of W.O.L.F. Sanctuary since July 2012. She has served on the W.O.L.F. Board of Directors since late 2011. Dr. Coldiron has B.S. and Master’s degrees from Wright State University. She received her Ph.D. in 1993 in Biomedical Engineering from Iowa State University where she also taught analytical chemistry. She has been the Founding CEO and CTO of several biotech companies and is an expert in developing commercial applications for university-developed technologies.   She has published numerous scientific articles and holds several patents in chemistry, devices and nanotechnology.

For over 30 years she Shelley been intimately involved with the rescue, sanctuary and rehabilitation of both shelter and wildlife animals namely canids, felines and birds of prey. Shelley has been involved with W.O.L.F. shortly after her move to Colorado in 2010. If she finds any down time she can be spotted enjoying the company of her four shelter dogs, bouldering and rock climbing.

Laura Davis

Senior Operations Director

​Laura is an innovative executive with extensive operational, program development, sustainability, and compliance experience who has worked across multiple industry sectors. One of her greatest successes includes being appointed by four different governors to serve five terms on the CO State Board of Health, for which she served as president for four. Laura is passionate about animal welfare and enjoys spending quality time with the four-legged residents at W.O.L.F. Sanctuary. Most often you can find her working diligently as she enhances W.O.L.F.’s Red Feather property in preparation to bring the wolves and wolf dogs to their new forever home.

Keith Laposh

Rescue Coordinator & Volunteer

Keith has been an avid supporter and volunteer for W.O.L.F. Sanctuary over the years. He works diligently to assist in our rescue missions, as well as educational events, and much more! Keith is the main point of contact for our nationwide rescue services and has a background in phenotyping wolves/wolf dogs and understanding canine behavior. He is a graduate of the National Animal Control Humane Officer academy through the National Animal Care and Control Association (NACA) and Colorado State University.

Kassandra Alonso

Animal Care and Enrichment Assistant

Kassandra graduated from Puerto Rico’s Turabo University in 2016 with her Bachelor of Science with a major in environmental and evolutionary Biology. While living in Puerto Rico, she volunteered on projects with endemic animal and plant species for the Puerto Rico Conservation Trust. Hurricane Maria threw a curveball in her plans and she was offered to be relocated to Colorado and jumped head first into a new adventure. She became a volunteer at the Denver Zoo for 2 years working in the behavior and nutrition department for primates. During that time she worked full-time as a veterinary assistant at Aurora Animal Hospital. She currently is pursuing a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine at Colorado State University. Kassandra aspires to specialize in wildlife and conservation medicine. She found her home at W.O.L.F. being given the opportunity to work with amazing animals in the field she is passionate about.

Marcus Pacheco

Animal Care and Enrichment Assistant

Marcus is an animal biologist who has dedicated his life to helping animals in need. He graduated with a degree in Animal Biology from Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi in 2017 and has worked in wildlife rehabilitation for a decade, where he rescued and cared for a variety of animals, including endangered species. He also educated the public about the importance of wildlife conservation and animal welfare. He loved his job, but he wanted to explore new opportunities and challenges in the veterinary field.

Marcus moved to Colorado to continue his veterinarian technician education, where he continues to use his skills and knowledge to help animals in need. He enjoys working with a variety of animals, from cats and dogs to reptiles and birds. His passion brought him to W.O.L.F.. Marcus loves living in Colorado, where he can experience the beauty of nature and the diversity of culture. He likes to visit breweries, hike with his dog, and go on adventures with his friends.

Tony Kear

Facilities and Maintenance Assistance

Meet Tony, W.O.L.F.’s seasonal maintenance assistant. Tony joined the W.O.L.F. team this winter during the off-season of his regular business—Tony’s Handyman and Landscaping Service, LLC. He is especially fond of the different wolf dog personalities at the sanctuary, especially Ashima and Topaz, two beautiful animals that can coexist with humans and nature.

Teva Stone, DVM


Dr. Teva Stone was on the W.O.L.F. Board of Directors for 2016-2018. She is a 2009 graduate of Colorado State University School of Veterinary Medicine. She has a special interest and love for surgery. She is employed by the Wellington Veterinary Hospital in Wellington, CO.

Dr. Stone often treats many of the animals at W.O.L.F. She has done routine medical examinations and assisted Dr. Bright on complex surgeries for W.O.L.F. animals. She has also performed annual field examinations at the Sanctuary. In a recent W.O.L.F. Magazine article Dr. Stone expressed her feelings about W.O.L.F.: “I think W.O.L.F. is extraordinary. The things they do for these animals, the sacrifices they make – I admire each and every one of the people involved. Their dedication to this cause is inspiring and it makes me even more excited to be a part of this team.”

Debbie Dean

Events Coordinator & Volunteer

Becky Robertson

Receipts Manager, Events Assistant, & Volunteer

Toni Baril
Bloomerang Manager 
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