Work Groups

What will I be doing as part of a Work Group?

Work groups are essential for getting large maintenance and facility projects accomplished around the Sanctuary. Typical tasks include but are not limited to: enclosure maintenance and repair, forest management, chipping, climbing up and down steep hillsides, grounds maintenance and other hard, dirty jobs you would not otherwise associate with wolves. You will not be required to participate in any activity that you are uncomfortable with. Work groups rarely participate in activities that allow for direct care or interactions with the wolves. However, a work group day will typically end with a meet and greet with one or more ambassador animals.

What are the requirements for a Work Group?

  • All participants in the group must be 18 or older*
  • There must be a minimum of 5 people participating in the work group

*For schools or organizations with individuals under the age of 18, an exemption for those individuals to participate in work groups can be given by the Executive Director.

What if I don’t have enough people?

There are two options. You can apply to become a regular volunteer or you can sign up to volunteer with a work group for Make A Difference Day! Make a Difference Day is organized through United Way typically in mid-October every year. You will need to sign up through United Way to participate.

What should I bring?

  • Food and water
  • Sturdy footwear for mountain environments
  • Clothing you don’t care about
  • Come prepared for varying weather conditions
  • Work gloves are recommended

Can I smoke/vape at the Sanctuary?

No. There is no smoking or vaping on the property at any time.

How do I schedule a Work Group?

To schedule a work group volunteer day at the Sanctuary, please complete the Work Group Application.

*If you have a large group interested in volunteering for a day, please note that W.O.L.F. can only accommodate a maximum of 12 people per day at the Sanctuary. Larger groups can be broken up across multiple days for volunteering.

When can I schedule a Work Group?

Volunteer work groups are generally scheduled during the summer and fall (May to October). For work groups scheduled during the winter and spring months please be aware that your volunteer day may need to be cancelled, and if possible rescheduled, on short notice due to inclement weather.