Protected: Active Volunteers

Below you will find links to the Volunteer Handbook, written procedure instructions, video tutorials and supplemental training materials for you to be able to reference whenever you need to. Please do not share the password to this page with others. The password will be changed regularly and all active volunteers will be informed of the new password each time.

Volunteer Payments

If you need to pay your volunteer dues or purchase an item, please click the button below. Volunteer Dues are $35, paw prints to be picked up at the sanctuary are $15, and paw prints to be shipped are $24.


Sanctuary Protocols

Operating Procedures

Video Tutorials


Tabling Events

Please take this tabling quiz so that we have record that you have watched and understood the video.

Other Training Materials

Basics of Canine Behavior

Canine Communication Part 1

ASPCAPro 2019 Webinar Series

Canine Communication Part 2

ASPCAPro 2019 Webinar Series

Canine Communication Part 3

ASPCAPro 2019 Webinar Series

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