Born: April 22, 2014
Rescued From: Illinois
Given Sanctuary: May 1, 2015

Laurie Camody

Zoey was a one-year-old female wolf dog living in a small kennel with fourteen other wolf dogs at a commercial fox fur farm in Illinois. The animals were malnourished and living in filthy conditions. Their food consisted of an inadequate amount of kibble thrown on the ground amidst feces and urine. The water bowls were filthy or empty. The animals did not receive any medical care, socialization, or human contact, and they were terrified. When the facility failed to renew its USDA license, all of the animals were confiscated by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.  The search for appropriate placement for these animals began.

After three months of looking for placements, seven animals had been placed. Time was running out for the remaining eight wolf dogs, and euthanasia was the last remaining option. In May 2015, when word of their plight reached the rescue community, W.O.L.F. and several other sanctuaries collaborated to help all of the wolf dogs get to safety. W.O.L.F. staff drove to Illinois to transport Zoey to W.O.L.F.

She was initially terrified at being separated from her three sisters that she had shared a small enclosure since birth. Zoey was nervous but subdued during the long drive to Colorado.   W.O.L.F.’s veterinarian examined Zoey before she arrived at the Sanctuary. She had parasites and was too anemic to be spayed. She received medical treatment for the parasites.  When her quarantine concluded, she was placed with a companion named Pax. Zoey began to flourish, and her personality began to emerge. She loved to steal things including gloves, shovels, and anything else that was not nailed down in her habitat.  

Unfortunately, the relationship between Pax and Zoey did not develop as W.O.L.F. staff had hoped. Zoey loved to play, but Pax was not interested. Staff made the decision to move Pax and introduce Zoey to Loki. The staff was nervous about the first meeting between the two, but it went beautifully. The two wolf dogs were soon great companions. They played incessantly and raced up and down the mountain in their large habitat. They were often seen together, waiting to race along the front fence with any staff or volunteers who happened by. Loki and Zoey were perfectly suited for one another.

Unfortunately, Loki passed away very suddenly in January 2021. Along with their caretakers, Zoey mourned the loss of her beloved companion. Staff gave her time to grieve while searching for another companion. Luckily, Iver, a younger high content wolf dog was available for placement at W.O.L.F.  The two were introduced and in time, became close companions.

Zoey and Iver were moved to their new forever home at Red Feather Lakes in August 2023.  They are well known for basking in the sun.  Zoey loves to play and splash around in her water trough.  She enjoys the gourmet meals prepared for her by her caretakers.  She loves to observe Iver stalking and chasing their neighbors, Sapphire and Topaz. 

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