Born: April 9, 2014
Rescued From: Oklahoma
Given Sanctuary: September 21, 2014

Charliza Hadley

In August 2014, W.O.L.F was contacted by a woman who purchased a young wolf dog pup from a breeder.  After 5 months, it was clear that Trigger was not an appropriate family pet. After doing extensive research on wolf dogs, she realized that Trigger would not live his best life in her home. After damaging part of a wall, Trigger was kept in a wire kennel while the owner was at work. She was able to keep him confined in the kennel but knew that he would soon be able to breach his containment.  Trigger’s owner made the difficult decision to find sanctuary placement for her beloved pup.

The owner contacted W.O.L.F. and provided extensive information about Trigger.  W.O.L.F. made the decision to accept Trigger into the Sanctuary.  In September 2014, Trigger and his owner arrived at W.O.L.F.  After several attempts at finding the right companion, Spartacus and Trigger were introduced. They began to play almost immediately. They chased each other, wrestled, and even slept in the same doghouse together!  Both Spartacus and Trigger were happy to have each other’s companionship.

Both Spartacus and Trigger were very interested in their neighbors, Tundra and Sigmund. They took matters into their own paws and found a way to climb the fence and become a foursome. Tundra was overjoyed to have younger companions who could keep up with her energy and love of play. Sigmund was frequently the odd man out, and W.O.L.F. made the decision to move him to another habitat where he would be free from the stress of the high-energy trio.

Spartacus, Tundra, and Trigger became the best of friends. They spent their days playing, exploring their large mountain habitat, and resting near one another when the day was done. Spartacus became an ambassador and often left the habitat for offsite educational programs. Tundra and Trigger played together while Spartacus was away. As Trigger reached full maturity, he was sometimes reluctant to allow Spartacus into the habitat after a program without challenging him. Staff carefully monitored the interactions. Spartacus was eventually paired with Ashima upon her arrival at the Sanctuary. Trigger and Tundra continued as a duo rather than a trio. Tundra and Trigger became a tightly bonded couple. 

In August of 2023, Trigger and Tundra were moved to their forever home in Red Feather Lakes.  They were part of the “Fab Five” that were the first to be moved to the new location.  When they were released from their transport crates, the duo thoroughly explored their new habitat.  For the first time, Tundra walked for an extended period while Trigger stayed by her side to ensure her safety. 

After Tundra’s passing in February 2024, Trigger joined Amaris and Indigo.  They became the first three pack at Red Feather Lakes.  They truly adored each other’s company.  They were inseparable.

Unfortunately, on the morning of May 13, 2024, Amaris was found in one of her favorite napping spots.  Sadly, she had passed away.  Staff, volunteers and everyone that had the privilege of spending time with Amaris was heartbroken at her loss.  Her loss was also apparent with Trigger and Indigo.

Trigger and Indigo continued to enjoy a close bond and thrived in their habitat.  They enjoyed basking in the sun, eating good food, and became a more confident pair.  Trigger and Indigo were more interactive with staff and volunteers at the fence line and were seen playing with each other.

In June of 2024, W.O.L.F. staff decided to move Castiel into the habitat adjacent to Indigo and Trigger.  He had recently lost his companion.  Staff felt that he would be a good candidate to be placed in a three pack.  After a week of observing fence line behaviors and interactions, staff introduced Castiel to Indigo and Trigger.  The three became close friends immediately.  While the bond was closer with Indigo and Trigger, they quickly accepted Castiel into their pack.

Unfortunately, after only one week of enjoying the new companionship, Indigo passed away peacefully in her habitat under her favorite tree.  Trigger and Castiel are acclimating to being companions without their beloved Indigo and doing very well.