Born: November 28, 2013
Rescued From: Iowa
Given Sanctuary: July 23, 2016

Sheri Swindler

Tenali was a young wolf dog found roaming in Iowa. She was captured by animal control and taken to a local shelter. Since wolf dogs are illegal in Iowa, she was destined for euthanasia. A concerned shelter worker contacted The Grey Wolf Central WI Wolfdog Rescue to see if Tenali could be saved.  Grey Wolf acted quickly and contacted one of their licensed foster homes. A family agreed to foster the young wolf dog. They kept her healthy and safe until a sanctuary placement could be found.

W.O.L.F. learned about Tenali when searching for a suitable companion a young wolf dog named Castiel. Grey Wolf responded with information about Tenali. W.O.L.F. staff evaluated the information and decided she would be an ideal companion for Castiel.

In July 2016, the W.O.L.F. rescue team met Tenali and her foster family in Iowa.  The team then made the drive to the Sanctuary in Colorado. Tenali was able to go immediately to the Sanctuary because she was in perfect health and already vaccinated.

Tenali was excited to meet Castiel.  She was energetic and eager to play. She explored her new habitat, played in her water bucket, enjoyed her daily feeding, and eagerly visited with W.O.L.F. staff.  In time, Castiel became accepting of his new companion.  Soon, he and Tenali were seen walking together.  They began to play and formed a strong bond.

In July of 2018, a young wolf pup was rescued and brought to W.O.L.F. with the intention of pairing him with another animal.  The pairing did not go well, and staff decided to try to pair Tenali with the pup.  Tenali quickly took a maternal role with Zakai, and they became inseparable. Staff introduced Castiel to Bella Roux, and over time, these two became close companions as well.

Tenali and Zakai have formed a tight bond and are perfectly suited for one another.  Tenali enjoys human attention, seeking belly rubs and head scratches.  Zakai, while a bit shy, is becoming more interactive with his caretakers. 

Tenali and Zakai were moved to their new forever home in August of 2023.  They immediately began to explore their large habitat.  The duo enjoys sunbathing, playing chase, and running the fence line with their neighbors.  Both Zakai and Tenali love spending time on their “mulch couch”.  Tenali is famous for laying in wait when staff feeds first thing in the morning. Her little face can be seen watching their every move from inside her habitat. 

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