W.O.L.F. (Wolves Offered Life and Friendship) is a 501(c)3 non-profit located in the foothills of Northern Colorado, just northwest of Fort Collins. Since 1995 we have been rescuing captive born wolves and wolf dogs that are unable to be cared for by their original owners and providing them with permanent, life-long sanctuary at our mountain facility. W.O.L.F. strives to take into account each individual’s physical and emotional needs for our residents. Currently W.O.L.F. can care for 30 wolves and wolf dogs at any one time. Packs are kept between two to four individuals and are allowed to roam natural habitat enclosures.


Each enclosure is constructed with eight to ten foot high nine-gauge chain link fencing with three to four foot ground wire as dig guards. They range from a quarter acre to one acre in size per pack. When the packs are well adjusted to their environment/enclosure, they tend to feel at home and do not wish to escape. Establishing a “home” environment is key. W.O.L.F. works very hard to group animals together that are well suited and to make sure they have suitable space to avoid uncomfortable situations.


It is imperative to be certain that an enclosure is built correctly from the beginning. If a wolf were to find a weak point in an enclosure, they would learn how to exploit it! They learn and improve upon their ingenuity. W.O.L.F. personnel build all enclosures firmly and soundly in order to prevent this situation.


Due to the facility’s challenging location, W.O.L.F. is able to utilizes only a fraction of its available acreage. We are in the process of developing a new location where we can maximize our efforts.

Unfortunately, due to strict area restrictions, we are not open to the general public.

Only volunteers who have confirmed schedules and carpool rides are permitted at the Sanctuary.

We are working to transition to a bigger and better location, which will be open to public!