Born: May 03, 2006
Rescued From: Illinois
Given Sanctuary: March 29, 2008
Returned to Spirit: July 29, 2018

Glenn Jacobson

Rajan’s story starts the way many do.  His owner purchased him in an area where owning wolf dogs is illegal and in an effort not to get caught, kept Rajan chained in a 5’x9’ kennel in the back yard.  When the authorities eventually found out, the owner was given an ultimatum; euthanize him.  Luckily for Rajan, W.O.L.F. was able to accept him.

Rajan arrived arrived at the Sanctuary in February of 2008, just under two years of age and as happy and energetic as only a young wolf dog can be.  He was placed with an older female named Kiki and immediately bonded to her.  They were always seen playing together even thought Kiki was many years older.  Rajan also enjoyed human attention and was always up for a good paw massage, ear rub or butt scratch.  He soon became one of the Sanctuary’s star ambassador animals, traveling all over the Colorado Front Range to help educate the public about wolf dogs and the captive wildlife crisis.

After Kiki’s passing in early 2013, W.OL.F. brought in a slightly younger female named Bella Roux, and while Rajan did not have a strong connection with Kiki, it became immediately clear that Bella was his long-awaited soul mate.  They immediately hit it off and even though Rajan was already 7 years old, it was as if the clock had turned back, and he became a puppy again.  The two would rough house and play constantly, often right in the laps of their caretakes, and together they continued Rajan’s travels as an ambassador.

In early 2017, Rajan began having small seizure episodes and many tests (blood work, infectious disease tests, CT scans and even an MRI) were done to try to determine the cause but ultimately the conclusion was the he had developed epilepsy.  The MRI did reveal a mass in the sinus cavity that was removed and biopsied in August of 2017.  Initial results came back benign but when Rajan continued to have problems, further diagnostics at the CSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital identified the issue as a fungal infection.  The infection was treated but, unfortunately, that was not the end of Rajan’s problems as he was later diagnosed with aggressive form of cancer in May of 2018.

While the last two years had been an emotional roller coaster ride for all the caretakes and volunteers who have come to know and love Rajan over the years, he remained happy and engage with life, not to mention very spoiled.  Bella doted on him as much as his caretakes and he continued to make everyone’s days brighter.

In late July of 2018, Rajan’s physical condition deteriorated to an unacceptable level, and the heartbreaking decision was made to help him pass.  On July 29, with Bella and the people who loved him by his side, Rajan was helped to cross the Rainbow Bridge.  The absence of his bright, outgoing personality leaves a hole in everyone’s hearts but we are truly blessed to have been able to spend so much time with is amazing wolf dog.  We know he has touched the minds and hearts of hundreds of people from all over.  He will be remembered forever.

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