Born: March 5, 2016
Rescued From: Oklahoma
Given Sanctuary: January 29, 2017

Rose Edelmon

Nysa joined the W.O.L.F. family on January 29, 2017.  She was approximately one year old. Nysa, whose name means “New Beginnings,” came from Freedom’s Song Wolf Rescue in Oklahoma. They gave her the beautiful name to mark the beginning of her new life.

Nysa came from a breeder in Oklahoma. An inexperienced young couple purchased the wolf dog pup when she was eight weeks old. Nysa experienced a seizure that required veterinarian care.  The couple refused the veterinarian’s recommendations.  As a result, she ended up in a shelter in Oklahoma.  The shelter was reluctant to allow her to be adopted because she was a wolf dog.

Freedom’s Song Wolf Rescue leapt into action. Karen Lilly, the founder, contacted the shelter.  She was able to convince the shelter to relinquish the wolf dog to Freedom’s Song.  Nysa was nearly twenty pounds underweight and very shy. She never received any of her vaccinations. 

Freedom’s Song placed her with an experienced wolf dog foster family. It is there that Nysa began to flourish and thrive. She was provided with veterinary care, gained weight, and formed a bond with her foster mom. Nysa was curious about the other animals in her foster home.  She often slept side-by-side with a seven-month-old puppy that she shared a fence line with. In late January, the foster family felt it was time to place Nysa in a permanent sanctuary setting.

Freedom’s Song contacted W.O.L.F. After hearing Nysa’s story, staff thought she would be perfect for Wayaho.  The W.O.L.F. rescue team met Freedom’s Song in Kansas to make the transfer. Upon arriving at W.O.L.F., Nysa received a veterinarian examination to address a prior medical condition.  She was now ready to meet the young wolf dog, Wayaho.

The two were introduced, and they immediately began playing. Nysa and Wayaho have formed a strong bond.  They often play and run up and down the mountain. Both are curious and love to watch the staff and volunteers perform their daily chores.  

In September 2023, Nysa and Wayaho were moved to their new forever home in Red Feather Lakes.  Their habitat is one of the largest at W.O.L.F. and features massive rock outcroppings.  It has a “dog run” that allowed them to interact with their neighbors on two sides.  Nysa and Wayaho immediately began exploring their new home.  They are masters at finding special spots to nap and observe the activities of the Sanctuary. 

Nysa and Wayaho were recently moved to a different habitat at Red Feather Lakes.  The decision was made to place them in habitat with more trees and a flatter landscape.  The duo has been enjoying the shade and cover of the juniper trees.  Nysa greets her caretakers with a vigorous bark that makes her whole-body bounce.

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