Born: August 29, 1999
Rescued From: Wisconsin
Given Sanctuary: June 1, 2006
Returned to Spirit: April 27, 2010
Luna came to W.O.L.F. from circumstances that even we found shocking. She was living in Wisconsin at a backyard breeder’s facility and likely had spent her entire life there on a 10-foot chain. The woman who owned the facility had become very ill and was not able to provide the animals with food and water. The local humane society contacted W.O.L.F., and eighteen animals were transported to Colorado.

Upon arrival at the Sanctuary, Luna was paired with Lance, another animal from the same rescue. They thrived in each other’s company. Luna beat the odds over heartworm, and we discovered a wolf dog that was full of life and harbored an independent spirit. She laid claim to her enclosure and kept the neighboring animals informed that it was, in fact, hers.

Luna thrived until one January when she began limping on her front leg. Her limp gradually worsened, and she was diagnosed with a nerve root tumor. Amputation of the leg might have cured the problem, but most likely it would only have slowed the progression of the disease, and we could not bear to put Luna through the trauma of the surgery and long recovery. Over the following months, we kept Luna comfortable with medication. She adapted well to getting around in her enclosure with less strength in one front leg and her spirit never dampened.

After three months, Luna’s mobility started to decrease. She started spending more time in her house, and we started delivering meals to her. She retained her fiery spirit, and if you got too close, she would remind you of that. Three months after Luna’s cancer diagnosis, she departed this world.

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