Lakota Sioux

Born: November 1993
Rescued From: Colorado
Given Sanctuary: December 26, 1995
Returned to Spirit: May 19, 2008
Lakota Sioux started out as a Christmas gift. Unfortunately, her owner wanted to return her the very next day. He was not ready for the responsibility of owning a puppy, and Lakota Sioux ended up at W.O.L.F.

Lakota joined a large pack at the Sanctuary and soon became the alpha of the group. When personality conflicts arose amongst the animals, Lakota left the pack and spent the rest of her years at the Sanctuary in the company of CC, the Sanctuary’s token dog, greeting volunteers and visitors as they drove up.

One winter, Lakota suffered a bad fall down the stairs. She dislocated a hip, and for months she could barely walk. Lakota received chiropractic treatment, which lessened her pain and allowed her to walk, but she still needed help getting up. Lakota did not seem to mind her disabilities, and she relished the special attention she received from everyone.

Eventually her condition worsened. We did everything we could to ensure her comfort. Her spirit and positive attitude kept her going, but slowly her body gave out. She needed help getting up, lying down, and fell down often. Pain meds kept her comfortable, but inevitably the day came when it was time to help her pass. We carried Lakota outside to the grass next to the pond, and her loved ones watched and mourned as her spirit passed from this world to the next.

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