Born: March 17, 2020
Rescued From: Nebraska
Given Sanctuary: May 29, 2020

Keith Laposh

W.O.L.F. received an urgent request from an owner for assistance with a high content wolf dog puppy.  The puppy was only ten weeks old, and his owner did not feel equipped to handle him. The young man had purchased the pup from a breeder in Kansas.  He was not prepared for the antics of a high-content wolf dog.

The pup was mouthy, nippy, possessive of food and toys, and not housebroken. He was fearful of large dogs, and he reacted with growling, snarling, and showing his teeth.  The young man realized that he was not capable of caring for this wolf dog.   He began looking for an appropriate place to rehome the pup.  After considering several options, he contacted W.O.L.F.

At the time W.OL.F. had space to rescue another animal and decided to help the young man. On May 29, 2020, the young man brought the wolf dog puppy to a W.O.L.F. foster.  He remained with the foster until he was examined by the veterinarian and was old enough to be moved to the Sanctuary.

The little pup with black fur and puffs of white was adorable. He was all legs and feet!  Since his birthday was on St. Patrick’s Day, a W.O.L.F. supporter suggested the Irish name Kieran, which means little dark one. It was the perfect name for this little wolf dog pup.

After a month, it was time for Kieran to move to the Sanctuary. He adjusted well, so staff started introducing him to Yuki. The two started meeting out on walks and were gradually allowed to play under close supervision. It became clear that the two were becoming bonded with each other.  When Kieran was old enough and Yuki was healthy enough, the two became full-time companions.

Kieran and Yuki lived together successfully for a year. They lived in the largest habitat at the Sanctuary roaming and chasing one another all over the mountainside. The pair loved attention from their caregivers.

As Kieran matured, staff began noticing more conflict between him and Yuki. The situation was monitored closely.  In hopes of relieving the conflict between the two,  staff decided to neuter Kieran.  After his neutering, the situation did not improve. 

Staff made the decision to separate Kieran and Yuki.  Despite numerous attempts to re-introduce them, it was not successful.

Kieran needed a full-time companion.  When W.O.L.F. was contacted about Kyah, staff thought she would be the perfect fit.  Kyah arrived at W.O.L.F., and the two were placed in adjoining habitats to safely get acquainted.  They were observed playing, so the decision was made to introduce them into the same habitat. They immediately started chasing each other, wrestling, and playing in their trough.

In August 2023, Kieran and Kyah were part of the “Fab Five”, the first to be moved to their forever home in Red Feather Lakes.  When Kieran was released from his transport crate, he ran to the top of his rock formation to enjoy the view.  Kieran and Kyah thoroughly enjoy every inch of their habitat.  They spend their days running the fence with their neighbors and the ATV and splashing around in their in their trough.  They have dug their dens among the rocks and trees.  They love mealtimes and the gourmet recipes that their caretakers prepare for them.