Born: May 16, 2011
Rescued From: New Jersey
Given Sanctuary: March 19, 2015

Bri Hinchliffe

In April 2015, Jacob came to W.O.L.F. from Howling Woods Farm, a nonprofit rescue organization in New Jersey. Unlike W.O.L.F., Howling Woods does not provide lifetime sanctuary for their animals. They serve as an entry point for the animals who need a safe place until they find a permanent home or sanctuary. 

Jacob was originally owned by a private individual in New Jersey who had three wolf dogs. When the three escaped from their enclosure in 2013, they had an adventure wandering the streets of a small town in New Jersey. The adventure could easily have turned into a disaster if law enforcement and citizens had not acted responsibly to round up the trio. Two of the animals quickly returned home, but Jacob did not. He was the last animal to be captured, and the video of his time on the streets is frightening and sad. He wandered for several miles down busy streets and in traffic.  Local residents became concerned when he approached a school where children were ending their day. Jacob was never aggressive or threatening. He was just nervous and curious. Jacob was eventually captured and returned to his owner.

Months later, one of the three animals passed away. Jacob and his companion, Rani, howled in sorrow.   The neighbors complained about the noise. Howling Woods Farm quickly stepped in, rescued Jacob and Rani, and brought them to safety. Jacob instantly became a favorite of the volunteers and visitors alike. His sweet nature and good looks endeared him to everyone who met him.

At the same time that Jacob and Rani were being rescued by Howling Woods, W.O.L.F. was in search of a companion for Sasha.  Jacob’s personality seemed to fit the bill.  Jacob made a cross-country journey by car from New Jersey to Colorado. His caregivers from Howling Woods met W.O.L.F. staff at a pre-determined transfer spot near Chicago.  Jacob was an excellent traveling companion, so his transfer was stress free.

Once Jacob arrived at W.O.L.F, he settled into a habitat prior to his introduction to Sasha. He adapted well to the Sanctuary. Jacob and Sasha met for the first time under the supervision of W.O.L.F. staff.  They became a stunning and beautiful couple.  Sadly, Sasha’s mobility began to worsen and staff made the difficult decision to separate them.  With Jacob’s size and energy, staff was concerned that he might unintentionally injure her.

Staff decided to introduce Jacob and Ember. There were a few moments of tension as Ember and Jacob became more comfortable with each other.  Over time, their bond strengthened. They began playing together and spending lots of time in each other’s company.

In August of 2023, Jacob and Ember were moved from Rist Canyon to their new forever home in Red Feather Lakes.  Since their move, Jacob has rapidly become a favorite of staff and volunteers. He is a big and beautiful wolf with enormous feet and soft eyes. He is sweet and loves attention.  He is known for his vigorous scent rubs and his soulful howl.

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