In early July 2016, W.O.L.F. received an urgent request for help from Apex Protection Project, one of our wolf rescue partners in California. There was a young wolf dog in a shelter in Los Angeles County, California who needed immediate rescue. He was sick, weak, and most likely slated for euthanasia since wolf dogs cannot be adopted to the general public. The young wolf dog was a stray animal who was caught by animal control in a park in South Central L.A. He was not able to avoid capture because his feet were so swollen that he could no longer run.


W.O.L.F. immediately agreed to take the little wolf and made plans to fly the rescue team to California, rent a van, pick up the animal, and drive back to Colorado – all in 24 hours. W.O.L.F. staff got the wolf, now named Castiel, to our vet in Wellington, Colorado on the 4th of July. He was covered in ticks, malnourished, and suffering from a severe case of mange that caused secondary infections. Dr. Teva Stone immediately started to work on helping the sickly wolf, and the decision was made to keep him at an off-site W.O.L.F. infirmary in order for Castiel to regain his health, gain some weight, and recover from his ordeal. Dr. Stone prescribed medicated baths, antibiotics, and pain medication. Castiel recovered quickly and moved to the Sanctuary on July 19th. He was very shy with his humans and clearly longed for animal companionship. W.O.LF. made the decision to find him a suitable female companion as quickly as possible and rescued a young female named Tenali from Wisconsin on July 22nd . The two animals were introduced, and Tenali, a very social and playful wolf dog, immediately wanted to play. Castiel was a bit overwhelmed by her energy but gradually adjusted and began to trust his new friend. The two wolf dogs were soon seen walking together in their enclosure and spending time with each other. In short order, Tenali was able to help Castiel overcome his shy hesitation. They were often seen playing together and formed  a very strong bond.


When longtime W.O.L.F. resident Rajan passed away, it caused a ripple effect on the living situations of several of the animals. Bella Roux, who was Rajan’s long time companion, was unable to accept a young pup named Zakai as a new companion.  Tenali on the other hand, was smitten with the pup.  Staff made the decision to move Tenali and Bella. Tenali rapidly became the loyal teacher and companion to the young Zakai, and Bella moved to keep company with Castiel. The relationship between Castiel and Bella was slow to develop, but over time, the shy Castiel won the heart of the more outgoing Bella. While Bella enjoyed the visits from her many staff and volunteer friends, Castiel remained content to watch from afar. Castiel did seem to gain confidence in her presence, as while he still did not want direct human interaction, curiosity replaced some of his fear of humans.


Sadly, Bella Roux passed away on November 9th, 2020 very unexpectedly, leaving Castiel alone. While he mourns for Bella, we are searching for a new companion for him so that he can once again have the canine companionship he longs for.


Born: Unknown (2015-2016)

Rescued From: California

Given Sanctuary: July 03, 2016