Born: July 4, 2015
Rescued From: California
Given Sanctuary: July 3, 2016

Sandy Dickson

In early July 2016, W.O.L.F. received an urgent request for help from a wolf rescue partner in California. There was a young wolf dog in a shelter in Los Angeles County, California that needed immediate rescue. He was sick, weak, and most likely slated for euthanasia since wolf dogs could not be adopted to the general public. The young wolf dog was a stray animal who was caught by animal control in a park in South Central Los Angeles. He was not able to avoid capture because his feet were so swollen that he could no longer run.

W.O.L.F. immediately agreed to take the wolf dog and made plans to rescue him.  He was named Castiel based on the angel portrayed in Supernatural.  The angel kept being reincarnated and, like the angel, Castiel received a new life with W.O.L.F.

Upon Castiel’s arrival in Colorado, he was examined by W.O.L.F.’s veterinarian.  He was covered in ticks, malnourished, anemic and suffered from a severe case of demodectic mange that caused secondary infections.   A treatment plan was put in place to restore his health.  To facilitate his healing, the decision was made to keep him at an offsite W.O.L.F. infirmary.  He recovered quickly and moved to the Sanctuary on July 19, 2016.

Castiel was very shy with his humans and clearly longed for animal companionship. W.O.L.F. staff made the decision to find him a suitable female companion as quickly as possible and rescued a young female named Tenali on July 22. The two animals were introduced and Tenali, a very social and playful wolf dog, immediately wanted to play. Castiel was a bit overwhelmed by her energy but gradually adjusted and began to trust his new friend. The two wolf dogs were soon seen walking together in their habitat and spending time with each other. In time, Tenali was able to help Castiel overcome his shyness. They were often seen playing together and formed a very strong bond.

When longtime W.O.L.F. resident Rajan passed away, it caused a ripple effect on the living situations of several of the animals.  Bella Roux was paired with Castiel and Tenali was paired with a new resident, Zakai.  The relationship between Castiel and Bella Roux was slow to develop, but over time, the shy Castiel won the heart of the more outgoing Bella Roux.

Sadly, Bella Roux passed away on November 9, 2020, unexpectedly, leaving Castiel alone. Castiel was given time to grieve; however, staff began searching for a new companion for him.  A female wolf dog from California was identified as a potential companion.  W.O.L.F. worked quickly to bring this new female named Mayari to her forever home.

It took longer for her to become comfortable with the other wolves around her. After a week, it was decided that it was time to try a face-to-face introduction with Castiel. Much to the surprise of staff and volunteers, Mayari was not shy about interacting with Castiel and desperately wanted to play with him. Castiel remained aloof, more interested in exploring his new habitat and avoiding his caretakers than interacting with her.   Castiel and Mayari eventually settled into their habitat in Rist Canyon. Eventually Castiel was paired with Reese.

In September of 2023, Castiel was moved to his new forever home in Red Feather Lakes.  He and his new companion, Reese, spent their days soaking up the sun and  exploring their habitat.  Sadly, Reese passed away on March 23, 2024.  Since her passing, Castiel likes to watch the antics of his neighbors, Ashima, Zoey, and Iver.  He enjoys visits from Pax when he is walked by and even does his version of a happy dance. 

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