Born: October 28, 2020
Rescued From: Arkansas
Given Sanctuary: April 10, 2023

Steve Nieto

W.O.L.F. receives approximately 400 rescue requests every year from people all over the country and sometimes internationally.  Since we are only allowed to have 30 animals at any given time, W.O.L.F. networks with other sanctuaries, rescues and individuals across the country to try and find placement for as many animals as we can.

In February of 2023, W.O.L.F. received a request from a rescue volunteer in Arkansas.  She had been fostering a dog named “Diablo” for over a year.  There was a bite incident and a DNA test was done.  Diablo’s test results came back as having gray wolf content, which made him unadoptable and euthanasia was his only option.

W.O.L.F.’s Rescue Coordinator tried their best to find somewhere for Diablo to go where he would be safe and happy but sanctuaries were full and rescues would not accept him because of his wolf content.  After weeks of trying, our Rescue Coordinator had exhausted all of their leads and contacts, basically hitting a wall with nowhere for Diablo to go. Meanwhile, the shelter told Diablo’s foster family that he had 10 more days or they would have to euthanize him.

In late March, our dear Spartacus passed away unexpectedly. W.O.L.F.’s Executive Director and Rescue Coordinator had a conversation about whether there were any animals needing rescue that would be an appropriate fit.  After considering a few candidates, they remembered Diablo.  Was he still needing to be rescued?  Was he still alive?  Our Executive Director asked our Rescue Coordinator to check on him.

Even though it was well past the 10 days Diablo was given to find placement or be euthanized, our Rescue Coordinator called Diablo’s foster mom.  She stated that she did not know if he was still alive.  She said she had put Diablo in a boarding facility and that she would check on his status.  When she called back, she excitedly said that although Diablo’s time was up, when the shelter staff went to the boarding facility to euthanize him, the person in charge of the boarding facility did not let them in and Diablo was still alive!

Plans were immediately put into place for Diablo to come live out his life at W.O.L.F.  Diablo went to the vet, had a full examination and received a clean bill of health!  Next, the paperwork to transfer custody was completed.  The final piece of the process was transport. Diablo needed to travel from Little Rock, Arkansas to the foothills of Northern Colorado.

One of W.O.L.F.’s long-time supporters lives in Oklahoma, so our Rescue Coordinator contacted him and asked if he would be willing to assist with transporting Diablo if someone could get Diablo to Oklahoma.  He agreed and the transport was set in motion.  A rescue volunteer in Arkansas offered to take the first leg of the transport.

W.O.L.F.’s Executive Director wanted Diablo to have a new name to go along with his new life, so she asked our supporter completing the transport if he would like to rename him.  Once Diablo arrived in Oklahoma, he had a brief break and then was back on the road, traveling through the night toward his new home.

At about 1:00 a.m., W.O.L.F.’s Rescue Coordinator was contacted by Diablo’s transporter.  Their vehicle had broken down in Ellis, Kansas, so our Rescue Coordinator got into his vehicle and began driving to rendezvous with them.

Six hours later, they arrived, loaded Diablo into their vehicle and made the 7+ hour drive back to W.O.L.F.  During that time, our supporter who had brought Diablo from Oklahoma decided on a name.  He decided to rename Diablo “Casey,” after the first dog he had when he got out of the military.  It is a fitting way to honor both his former companion and our new rescue!

Casey is a handsome, young wolfdog with a goofy, playful personality.  He has adjusted well since his arrival.  He still has a lot of puppy energy and enjoys running around his mountainside habitat.  Because of the love and dedication of a handful of people, Casey avoided euthanasia and found his forever home, where he will live out a long, happy, healthy life!

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