W.O.L.F. Sanctuary | Bella Roux
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Bella Roux



On June 29, 2013 we witnessed one of the quickest adaptations to the Sanctuary we have ever seen when Bella Roux, our constantly smiling and vocal new resident, arrived. Her comfort in her new surroundings was immediate. This made little sense in one respect, and total sense in another.


Bella Roux’s life began in Alaska, and her first year and a half of life was spent virtually 24/7 in a small kennel, being let out (and physically beaten to keep her under control) once a day. Neighbors took her from this environment and turned her over to the local humane society. Adopted, her new home for the next four years was a far cry from the old environment but it did not last. What unfolded was an unsafe home experiencing domestic violence and her human Mom called the Sanctuary for help.


It appeared she might be a good match for Rajan, who recently lost his companion Kiki.  Arrangements were made to bring Bella Roux from Oklahoma City to Kansas, where staff picked her up and brought her home to W.O.L.F.


Her introduction to Rajan and her new enclosure was swift and heart-warming. Rajan quickly went from king of his castle to her majesty’s attentive companion.  Bella Roux has blossomed in spite of her hard life.  She has become an ambassador and now joins Rajan in educational programs in the community.  Bella can always be counted on to welcome staff and volunteers to her enclosure.  She is amazingly happy and stable. She and Rajan have become one of the Sanctuary’s super couples.


Born: January 15, 2008

Rescued From: Oklahoma

Given Sanctuary: June 29, 2013

Guardian Angel
Lyn Austin