W.O.L.F. Sanctuary | Tonka
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Tonka was originally one of fifteen wolf-dogs in a backyard breeding operation in Arkansas. In early 2002, Tonka’s breeder abruptly departed leaving all of the animals in the care of his girlfriend. With no money to care for the animals, and no knowledge of how to care for them, she called the local Humane Society. A volunteer told her that wolves and wolf-dogs are considered non-adoptable by Humane Societies nationwide, and the animals would have to be euthanized.


Unable to think of any other alternative, the girlfriend called the sheriff, who came out to the property and started shooting the animals. When the sheriff was done, only three animals remained. At this point, a volunteer at the Humane Society intervened and asked the sheriff to postpone further action while she tried to find a placement for the remaining animals. W.O.L.F. was contacted and agreed to find a home for them. The three wolf-dogs, named Tonka, Noel, and Ozzie by the volunteers who transported them from Arkansas to Colorado were placed in a foster home. In 2010, after Noel and Ozzie had passed away, Tonka came to live at WOLF, sharing an enclosure with the sisters Meeka and Tala. They three wolves formed a happy trio until 2013.  In September of  that year Meeka passed away quite suddenly.  Less than a year later Tala passed away on July 10, 2014.  Tonka was left alone  to grieve for the loss of the two sisters.


In 2015, Makoce joined Tonka.   Both Tonka and Makoce survived the loss of beloved companions, and now they are spending their senior years together.  They can no longer run or play with abandon, but they enjoy their meals and basking in the sun.   Makoce and Tonka have found  a quiet comfort in the presence of one another, and they will remain together for the rest of their days.


Born: April 11, 2002

Rescued From: Arkansas

Given Sanctuary: March 3, 2010

Returned to Spirit: August 10, 2018

Guardian Angel
Sarah Arnold

In Memory of Tonka