On February 21, 2008, W.O.L.F. received an email from a Humane Society in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. They had a one-year-old wolf dog who had been at the shelter for five months. The shelter director had fallen in love with him and would have kept him had he not been in an area with strong anti-wolf feelings. At one point, the wolf dog escaped and was free-ranging for a few days, causing more problems and making it imperative that an immediate placement be found for him. Even the local vet threatened to kill him if he was brought in for any treatment. Luckily, W.O.L.F. had space for him. A W.O.L.F. supporter named him Nashoba, which is the Choctaw word for “wolf.” When Nashoba arrived at W.O.L.F., he was very shy with his caretakers. Over time, he has been able to overcome some of that initial shyness.


Nashoba’s longtime companion is Isabeau. They were often seen running and chasing each other through their enclosure. Isabeau, who loves some of her humans, has tried to show Nashoba that humans are often fun and have good treats. Nashoba has slowly warmed up to those who care for him. He approaches the fence for treats, even bravely taking them from a spoon! He now interacts more frequently with staff and volunteers. He will approach the fence using Isabeau as a shield, and he will tease anyone lucky enough to garner his attention.  At times, Nashoba will lean against the fence and allow his caretakers to scratch his back, particularly during shedding season. For a few lucky individuals, he has even graced them with a kiss on the face!


Born: February 27, 2007

Rescued From: New Mexico

Given Sanctuary: March 19, 2008