Isabeau was born at a breeding facility in Oregon. Advertised as a pure wolf, she was sold to a couple from California when she was only a few weeks old. By the time Isabeau was four months old, the couple was having a difficult time coping with her wolf-like behaviors. She was food aggressive, played hard, and destroyed items in the house. In addition, wolves and wolf dogs were not legal in the municipality where the couple lived. The final straw came when Isabeau bit a neighbor’s child while playing. The couple contacted the American Sanctuary Association, which in turn sent out an alert to all of their accredited members, including W.O.L.F.


We have always tried to save the limited space at the sanctuary for high-content animals that cannot be placed anywhere else. Isabeau fit this description exactly. When Isabeau arrived, blood tests revealed that Isabeau was under-nourished, dehydrated, and had signs of kidney disease. She was immediately treated for dehydration and the kidney problems and put on a healthy diet. Maybe that is why cheese and butter became the simplest way to coax her into her enclosure.


Isabeau was paired with Nashoba in 2010 after her companion Sky passed. They were a perfect match, as both were high energy and were often seen playing and chasing each other around their enclosure. Isabeau is a favorite of everyone who visits the sanctuary. She loves attention and is quite affectionate with some volunteers. She loves the men, while she seems to have a love/hate relationship with some of the female volunteers. She is quick to approach the fence to say hello. She and Nashoba often competed with each other for someone’s attention.


As she has aged, Isabeau has mellowed, but she is still the undisputed queen of her domain.  Nashoba is devoted to her, and he knows that she is the ruler of their pack of two.  Isabeau is still quite picky about her female human friends, but she continues to adore attention from her male humans.  She is aging gracefully and beautifully, but she will not be denied.  It is still a joy to watch her dash about her enclosure and lavish her attention on her gentlemen callers.


Born: April 1, 2006

Rescued From: California

Given Sanctuary: August 25, 2006