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Our Team

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much."


Shelley Coldiron

Executive Director

Shelley holds a BS in Biology, an MS in Analytical Chemistry and her PhD in Biomedical Engineering. She joins W.O.L.F. after starting multiple Biotech companies. For over 25 years she has been intimately involved with the rescue, sanctuary and rehabilitation of both shelter and wildlife animals namely canids, felines and birds of prey. Shelley has been involved with W.O.L.F. since her move to Colorado in 2010. If she finds any down time she can be spotted enjoying the company of her rescued cat and six shelter dogs.

Susan Weidel

Rescue Coordinator & Volunteer

Susan is an attorney and has been an active volunteer at W.O.L.F. since 2009. She has devoted her life to supporting and working with animal welfare and rescue organizations. She enjoys being a part of the rescue process. She shares her home with six rescue dogs with varying special needs. Susan’s hobbies include gardening, ballet and books. She also uses her free time to teach her dogs a variety of silly tricks!

Michael Wilson

Volunteer Coordinator

Michael has been fascinated by and worked with a variety of animals since childhood. After receiving his B.S. in Animal Science from UC Davis, he entered the thoroughbred horse racing industry. After spending 12 years in the thoroughbred industry, running his own business for 5 of those years, it was time to return to his original passion of working with and preserving wildlife. Michael enjoys studying wildlife conservation, ecology, environmental science, and climate change in his free time. He hopes to build a brighter future for the natural world through collaborating with other passionate individuals.

Michelle Proulx

Animal Caretaker & Education Programs Director

Michelle started volunteering with W.O.L.F. in 2005 and was hired on as staff after her graduation from Colorado State University, with a BS in Zoology, in 2008. She enjoys all aspects of animal care with a special interest in the rehabilitation aspects of W.O.L.F.’s rescues. As a Colorado native Michelle savors anything outdoors, and can usually be found with her eye pressed against the lens of a camera.

Valerie Johnson, DMV, MS

Staff Veterinarian

​Dr. Johnson is a post-DVM fellow in the Department of Microbiology, Immunology, and Pathology at CSU.  Her work is investigating the antimicrobial properties of activated mesenchymal stem cells and how they induce bacterial killing and enhance antibiotic activity in treatment of chronic infections.  Dr. Johnson has worked for years to provide quality veterinary care for a wide variety of wild animals and is excited to be an integral part of the W.O.L.F. team.

Carol Mahoney

Director of Development

Carol Spiciarich Mahoney received her Bachelor’s degree in Science, Technology & Society from Vassar College. Before coming to W.O.L.F., she had been a nonprofit development consultant and active volunteer and board member with a number of nonprofit and animal welfare organizations. Her favorite part about working at W.O.L.F. is getting kisses from Jacob.

Bob Proulx

Facilities / Operations Manager & Video Productions

Bob joined the W.O.L.F. team in 2012 after the High Park Fire. Believing in the “Red Green Show” philosophy that if people don’t find you handsome, they should at least find you handy, Bob fills the role of the “Jack of all Trades” handyman. Bob has a degree in wildlife biology and finds working at W.O.L.F. a rewarding and satisfying change of pace. Originally from Michigan, Bob likes outdoor activities and Murphy, a mastiff with the appetite of a wolf.

Jim Englert

Operations & Facilities Assistant

Debbie Dean

Events Assistant & Volunteer

Sharon Sharp

Netsuite Assistant & Volunteer

Lisa Golicher

Social Media Coordinator & Volunteer

Zachariah Lamb

Operations & Facilities Assistant

Board of Directors

Diane Balkin, J.D., joined the W.O.L.F. Board of Directors in 2016. She is an attorney for the Animal Legal Defense Fund’s Criminal Justice Program. She began her career as a prosecutor in the Denver District Attorney’s Office in 1979, where she worked for 32 years. Ms. Balkin was the Chief Deputy District Attorney and also served as the “animal crimes” prosecutor where she insured effective investigation and an aggressive prosecution of every animal cruelty case within her jurisdiction.

Ms. Balkin was appointed to the Colorado State Board of Veterinary Medicine in June 2001 and served on the Board for eight years. She received her J.D. in 1977 from the University of Denver and is a nationally ranked lecturer on animal cruelty investigations and prosecutions, with a strong emphasis on training veterinarians.

mikeMike Thompson is the Chairman of the W.O.L.F. Board of Directors and has been a Board member since 2013. Mike served in an executive management capacity at IBM for over 30 years. He is an expert in IT systems and software integration as well as strategic planning and business development.

For over 10 years, Mike has served as the Chairman and President of the Rist Canyon Volunteer Fire Department, which provides fire, medical and first responder services for over 110 square miles of Larimer County. He helped lead the fire department during the devastating 2012 High Park Fire and the historic flood of 2013.

dr-ron-brightDr. Ron Bright has been a member of the W.O.L.F. Board of Directors since 2014. He has been a veterinary surgeon for many of W.O.L.F.’s animals since 2004. In 2013 he helped initiate an annual field examination program for each animal at the Sanctuary.

Dr. Bright graduated from Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine and specialized in small animal surgery. He served as a member of the Board of Regents and President of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons. Dr. Bright was a professor at several prestigious universities over the years, including Purdue, University of Florida and the University of Tennessee. He has published over 150 articles, more than 27 chapters in 10 veterinary textbooks, and has given over 150 lectures both nationally and internationally.

dr-stone-and-kai_resizedDr. Teva Stone joined the W.O.L.F. Board of Directors in 2016. She is a 2009 graduate of Colorado State University School of Veterinary Medicine and has a special interest and love for surgery. She is co-owner of the Wellington Veterinary Hospital in Wellington, Colorado and President of the Larimer County Veterinary Medical Association

Dr. Stone often treats many of the animals at W.O.L.F. She has done routine medical examinations and assisted Dr. Bright on complex surgeries for W.O.L.F. animals, along with performing annual field examinations at the Sanctuary. In a recent W.O.L.F. Magazine article, Dr. Stone expressed her feelings about W.O.L.F.: “I think W.O.L.F. is extraordinary. The things they do for these animals, the sacrifices they make – I admire each and every one of the people involved. Their dedication to this cause is inspiring, and it makes me even more excited to be a part of this team.”

john-nighJohn Nigh joined the W.O.L.F. Board of Directors in 2016. He is the Chairman and Acting CEO of Advantage Bank. Mr. Nigh has been the Chairman of Advantage Bank for over 16 years. He was previously the Chairperson of Boundary Waters Bank in Minnesota. His expertise is in financial analysis, strategic planning and finance. Mr. Nigh has an undergraduate degree from Purdue and received his Master’s degree in 1971 from The University of Nebraska in Agricultural Economics.

claudia-whitcombClaudia Whitcomb, C.P.A. has been a member of the W.O.L.F. Board of Directors since 2014 and currently serves as Treasurer. She is a Colorado State University alumna and co-owner of the accounting firm Dye & Whitcomb. Ms. Whitcomb has over 20 years of experience in private and public accounting, specializing in taxation and financial accounting for non-profits, including serving a number of animal welfare agencies.

shelleyShelley Coldiron, Ph.D. has been the Executive Director of W.O.L.F. Sanctuary since July 2012. She has served on the W.O.L.F. Board of Directors since late 2011. Dr. Coldiron has B.S. and Master’s degrees from Wright State University. She received her Ph.D. in 1993 in Biomedical Engineering from Iowa State University where she also taught analytical chemistry. She has been the CEO and President of several nanotechnology companies and is an expert in developing commercial applications for university-developed technologies.   She has published numerous scientific articles and holds several patents in chemistry, devices and nanotechnology.

Dr. Coldiron has been active in animal welfare and rescue for over 35 years in Ohio, Iowa, Utah, and Colorado. She shares her home with six rescued dogs and one rescued cat.

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