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Suzanne Asha Stone


Suzanne Asha Stone has worked in wolf restoration in the northern Rockies since 1988, including serving as a member of the 1995/1996 USA/Canadian wolf reintroduction team. She currently oversees Defender’s wolf conservation programs in the Pacific Northwest with an emphasis on co-existence programs. She works directly with ranchers and farmers to devise and implement strategies to minimize wolf and livestock depredation conflicts.
Suzanne is the lead author of the first landscape-level public lands grazing study documenting nonlethal wolf and livestock management methods success over predator control measures. She has presented her research at conferences, symposia and briefings including Oxford University, the Smithsonian and the US Senate.

Nathan Varley and Linda Thurston

Wolf biologists Nathan Varley and Linda Thurston of Yellowstone Wolf Tracker met in 1996 working on the Yellowstone Wolf Restoration Project in its earliest stage. Following their years with the wolf project, they created The Wild Side, LLC for their ecological research and university-level field programs.
Over a decade ago, Yellowstone Wolf Tracker was developed as Yellowstone’s premier wildlife guiding service, providing services for hundreds of guests throughout the year, and setting the standard for professional service in the industry today.
Check out daily naturalist reports in Yellowstone.