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Help us raise funds for an industrial-sized dishwasher at our Red Feather Lakes property this Mother’s Day!

Washing the animals’ food bowls is always a time-consuming task given that we currently wash the dishes by hand. We need your help to make this task a little easier at our Red Feather Lakes property!


Purchase a custom-designed shirt from our partners at Bonfire for the Alpha in your life or donate on their behalf and help us equip our Red Feather property at the same time! Our goal is to raise $7,500 to purchase an industrial-sized dishwasher that can process 30 to 40 racks in an hour so we can quickly meet our cleaning specifications for our regulatory agencies and spend more time attending to the animals needs.


The first round of Bonfire purchases will end on March 29 with items shipping on April 6. The second round will end on April 13 with items shipping on April 21.

Purchase a custom-designed shirt.

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Donate on behalf of the Alpha in your life.

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