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"These beings teach us something new every day."


As W.O.L.F. is currently not open to the public we have developed a series of off site educational presentations designed to meet a wide variety of age groups and situations. Our goal is to help bring awareness about wild wolves to the general public while shedding light on the issues with keeping wolves (and other wild animals) as pets.

The presentations cover the basics of wolf biology, behavior and ecology using examples such as the reintroduction of wolves in Yellowstone to help illustrate a wolf’s role in the environment. Using an interactive presentation filled with anecdotes on the wolves in our care, we hope to create an enjoyable learning experience for all ages.

To learn more about the presentations we offer, our travel range, program pricing or to request a program for your organization please contact the educational programs director at mproulx@wolfsanctuary.net.

*Our programs often include attendance by one of W.O.L.F.’s Ambassador Animals.

W.O.L.F. offers different lengths of programs designed to fit a variety of ages and interests.

In-Depth Version


Designed for teens to senior citizens, our In-Depth program incorporates an hour-long slide show presenting detailed information on wild wolf habits, history, the captive wildlife crisis and more as well as a 30-minute question and answer session.

Abbreviated Version


Our Abbreviated program is designed where time availability may be a concern. It incorporates a 30 minute slide show, giving an overview of wild wolves, from wolf habits to ecologic history and allows for an up to 15-minute question and answer session.

Short Version


Designed for the young at heart, our Short program is younger audiences where a minimal presentation is requested. Running roughly 30 minutes, this slide show encourages audience participation while a summary of wolf habits and history are presented before a short question and answer session.

Special Focus Presentations


W.O.L.F. also offer a couple programs that focus more tightly onto specific topics of interest surrounding wolves and wolf dogs. Please contact the educational programs director at mproulx@wolfsanctuary.net for information regarding these presentation topics.

Wolves have an abundance of knowledge and wisdom and we at W.O.L.F. continue to say, “These beings teach us something new every day.”


W.O.L.F. was founded in 1995 to rescue captive born wolves and wolf dogs, to provide lifetime sanctuary for them, and to educate the public on the plight of captive born wolves and wolf dogs in America.


Each year, breeders across the country sell or give these animals to individuals who believe they can care for a wolf dog. We aim to take the proper care of them.


Here are some common facts about wolves.

How fast can wolves run? (MPH)0

How long do wolves live? (YRS)0

How far can wolves travel a day? (MILES)0