Medical Update

Medical Update

From W.O.L.F.’s Director of Animal Care Michelle Proulx

On Tuesday morning around 2:30 AM, Skye had another grand mal seizure. She was rushed back to CSU VTH emergency, where the medical team quickly found that her temperature had risen dangerously high (105°), and felt an abnormality in her abdomen, which they later determined to be an air pocket above her liver. To try to determine the cause of the seizure, elevated temperature and abdominal abnormality, they performed additional bloodwork, blood cultures, chest x-rays, and an ultrasound. The ultrasound and x-rays did not show any significant findings, but the bloodwork revealed a very low platelet count and a white blood cell count of almost zero. From this information, they concluded that an infection is the most likely culprit, though they cannot rule out other possible causes.

The goal now is to determine why her white blood cell count has decreased so drastically. We will be performing an MRI, a CSF tap, and a bone marrow aspirate to narrow down the number of potential causes for this, as there are several possibilities as to why this has occurred. Skye will undergo these tests over the next couple of days, and a treatment plan will be developed. At this point, the plan is that she will remain hospitalized until her white blood cell count starts to return to normal and her temperature has stabilized. We are committed to determining what is afflicting her and treat it as is possible.

We will be posting further updates on our Facebook page. Please utilize the following link to get the latest news on our sweet Skye.

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  • Marilyn Wellenkamp

    My prayers have been with Skye daily. Continue your excellent care. Have my picture of Skye hanging in my home. So many thanks again, Lynn Wellenkamp

    October 1, 2019 at 7:33 am

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