Common Questions & Concerns

Why does W.O.L.F. exist?


Every year, thousands of wolf dogs are surrendered by frustrated owners to shelters, and they are euthanized because they have nowhere else to go. W.O.L.F. was created to help alleviate the suffering of these animals and to educate the public about the difficulties that nearly always occur when adopting a captive bred wolf or wolf dog.  W.O.L.F.’s mission is to rescue captive-born wolves and wolf dogs, to provide lifetime sanctuary, and to provide public education on the plight of captive-born wolves and wolf dogs and wolves in the wild to help promote a greater understanding of them and their value.  W.O.L.F. does not breed animals. All of the animals are spayed and neutered unless there is a medical reason which prevents it.  In such cases an animal is only placed with another animal who is spayed/neutered.

Unless a person is very knowledgeable about the care required for these animals, has a large property with an adequate and secure enclosure, and has sufficient financial resources, it is almost impossible to keep these animals safe and healthy. They are not dogs and they do not react like a typical pet.

Are you open for tours of the Sanctuary?


No, W.O.L.F. is not open to the public because of very strict limitations on the number of vehicles permitted each day on our access road. However, we do have an active volunteer program. We are the midst of trying to transition to a bigger and better location which would ultimately permit us to be open to the public. You can make donations to achieve this goal on the “Get Involved” page.

How are you funded?


W.O.L.F. is a 501(c) (3), public, non-profit organization. We receive all of our funding through private donations, fundraisers and some corporate grants. We do not receive any money from any governmental entities. The majority of the money we raise each year comes from small donations by everyday people who care about the welfare of these animals. We also encourage people to consider putting the Sanctuary in their wills—since that is one of the best ways for the Sanctuary to get significant funding for long-term stability and security for the animals.

Is the Sanctuary regulated in any way?


Yes, W.O.L.F. is licensed by the State of Colorado and by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. We are subject to routine inspections and audits. W.O.L.F. welcomes the regulatory agencies to visit our premises and provide us with feedback on ways we can improve our facilities. Click here to see a list of our licenses and accreditations.

How can I help W.O.L.F.?


Individuals can help W.O.L.F. by becoming a volunteer, becoming members (and receiving our quarterly magazine) and by donating to help our animals through our “DONATE” button on our website.

There is a wolf or wolf dog that needs rescuing, what do I do?


W.O.L.F. networks with rescue organizations cross the country that specializes in wolves and wolf dogs. If you have or know of an animal that needs rescue, please send as much information about the individual as you have along with good face and body photos to rescue@wolfsanctuary.net. We will send out a rescue alert to the rescue network and try to assist with finding appropriate placement for the animal. Information we are looking for includes: age, sex, medical history, temperament, behavioral issues, and reasons for surrender.

Do you ever adopt out any of your animals?


No. W.O.L.F. provides lifetime sanctuary for every animal we rescue. We do not adopt our animals out to private individuals and we do not sell or trade them to other organizations. Our mission is to rescue animals in need and to provide them with a high quality of life for the remainder of their lives.

Do you breed your animals?


No. We do not breed our animals and each animal is spayed or neutered upon joining the W.O.L.F. family unless medical reasons prevent the procedure. If an animal cannot be spayed or neutered, we only place that animal with an animal who has been sterilized.

Do you support the breeding of captive wolves and wolf dogs?


No. W.O.L.F. is committed to helping resolve the problem of the thousands and thousands of unwanted, captive bred wolves and wolf dogs who are euthanized in shelters every year. It’s estimated that ~150,000 wolf dogs are born in the U.S. each year to be sold as pets. By the time they reach age 2-3, about 80%+ are euthanized because most owners are not prepared for the high energy and special needs of these very smart animals.

What do you do with your animals when they pass?


When an animal dies, they are brought into the Colorado State University Diagnostics Lab for a necropsy to determine cause of death before being sent to cremation.

Does the Sanctuary accept volunteers?


Yes, the Sanctuary is primarily an all-volunteer organization. All potential volunteers must be at least 18, become a member of W.O.L.F., submit a Volunteer Application, and attend a Volunteer Orientation. Once you have filled out the application and mailed it to us, the Volunteer Coordinator will contact you to schedule your orientation. Complete the W.O.L.F. Volunteer Application and email it to our Volunteer Coordinator at volunteer@wolfsanctuary.net or mail it to:


Attn: Volunteer Coordinator
Post Office Box 1544
Laporte, CO 80535

What do volunteers help with at the Sanctuary?


Our primary needs are in the areas of animal care, outreach, fundraising events, administration and maintenance. Volunteers do not have to have previous animal experience to work at W.O.L.F. We teach our volunteers everything they will need to know in order to help the Sanctuary.

I only want to volunteer at W.O.L.F. for a day. Can I do that?


Yes, if you are part of a volunteer work group. Organizations and corporate work groups are critical to helping W.O.L.F. accomplish many of our larger maintenance and facility projects. If you would like to set up a day for your organization or corporation to help at the Sanctuary, email our Volunteer Coordinator at




call (970) 416-9531

Does the Sanctuary offer internships?


Yes, internships are available year round. We ask for a ten-week commitment with either full or part time opportunities. Internships are unpaid and people interested in becoming an intern are responsible for finding their own housing. Some assistance with transportation to and from the Sanctuary is available however we strongly recommend that interns have their own vehicle. If you are interested in potentially becoming an intern please email your cover letter, resume, 2 references and a letter of recommendation to volunteer@wolfsanctuary.net.