W.O.L.F. Sanctuary is a small nonprofit and does not frequently have openings for employment. If you are interested in working at W.O.L.F., please look below to see if there are any positions for which we are hiring at this time.

W.O.L.F. Sanctuary is seeking a Facilities and Maintenance Manager

Job purpose

The position manages all routine and specialized sanctuary property maintenance needs as well as equipment and vehicles. The position supervises all part-time facilities and maintenance employees and volunteers.

Duties and responsibilities

The primary job duties and responsibilities

• Facilities Maintenance

o Manage all projects related to the maintenance of W.O.L.F. facilities and properties including tools, equipment, and vehicles.

o Oversee the work being performed by maintenance staff and any outside contractors, as directed by the Senior Director of Operations and/or the Executive Director.

o Supervise all part-time maintenance workers, volunteers, interns, and workgroups.

o Collect timesheets from part-time maintenance workers and forward to the Senior Director of Operations on the 11th and 26th of the month.

o Develop a plan and schedule for disposal of all waste, including recycling and trash. Ensure the plan is implemented and waste is removed from all W.O.L.F. properties.

o Develop a plan and schedule for all meat pick-ups. Ensure the plan is implemented and that all meat and food products are properly stored and recorded. Develop and implement a meat rotation program based on dates received.

o Report significant maintenance and facilities issues to the Senior Director of Operations and/or the Executive Director immediately upon discovery of the issue. Report on routine maintenance and facilities issues on a daily and weekly basis as requested by management.

o Evaluate the performance of part-time maintenance workers on an annual basis and confer with the Senior Director of Operations on the final evaluation.

• Animal Care

o Serve as support staff for animal care.

o Perform overnight duties as required.

o Report emergencies involving animal care (e.g., health issues, injuries, etc.) immediately to the Executive Director and/or the Senior Director of Operations. Provide daily reports on animal issues during overnights.

o Assist with animal rescue and transport as assigned.

• Records Management

o Complete Incident Reports and submit to the Senior Director of Operations and/or the Executive Director when urgent issues arise related to the animals, facilities, equipment, etc.

• Other Duties

o Perform occasional additional duties as assigned by the Senior Director of Operations and/or the Executive Director on an as-needed basis.

o Respond to emergency situations at the direction of the Senior Director of Operations and/or Executive Director.

o Complete corrective/preventive actions associated with items identified in Incident Reports or through other means, as requested by the Senior Director of Operations and/or the Executive Director.

o Communicate consistently and regularly with Management, as requested.

o Practice professional behavior associated with interactions with Management, staff, volunteers, Board members, donors, and visitors.

Preferred Experience

o Videographer – Assist with video projects and create video content for social media.


  • Education – High school education or GED equivalent.
  • Specialized knowledge – Significant knowledge required to maintain real property, equipment, and vehicles. Knowledge of animal fencing, building requirements for animal habitats are preferred but not required.
  • Skills – Basic carpentry, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical skills. Basic computer skills. Abilities – Ability to provide leadership to part-time maintenance staff, volunteers, interns, and workgroups; ability to work in a collaborative team environment and successfully resolve conflicts with other staff and volunteers.
  • Other characteristics – Ethical behavior.
  • Certification/License – Valid Driver’s License.
  • Experience – Relevant experience in facilities maintenance at an outdoor facility or another facility where maintenance was performed.

Working conditions

Work requires ‘weekend’ and overnight shifts, the performance of duties in an outdoor setting in potentially severe weather conditions. Some indoor office work and computer work. All W.O.L.F. properties are non-smoking properties, including, but not limited to, outside on the facility grounds, vehicles, and in all buildings and physical structures.

Physical requirements

Ability to lift 50 lbs., walk-in rugged terrain in extreme weather conditions of heat and cold; perform manual labor including facility maintenance in outdoor conditions; Bend, kneel and sit for extended periods of time in outdoor environment including animal habitats.

Salary and Benefits

Salary is commensurate with education and experience. The pay range is $28,000-$32,0000 annually. Benefits include Paid Time Off (PTO) accrued at 3.33 hours per week up to 80 hours per year beginning on January 1st of each year.

Reports to

Senior Director of Operations


If interested in applying, please download and complete the application form. Send the completed application and resume to scoldiron@wolfsanctuary.net.